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Who should consider coaching?

Quite simply, coaching can work for anyone at any stage of his or her career. In fact we would recommend always having a coach to work with. All of the coaches and trainers at Inhouse have their own coaches and will usually have at least 4 coaching sessions per year. Our coaches have worked with a range of individuals from junior doctors through to consultants, managers, clinical directors, H.R. directors and others individuals from the NHS in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. We have also worked with HCPs from further afield in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Why should I get a coach?

Coaching works in a variety of circumstances.

  • Maybe things aren’t going so well with your career right now and you would benefit from some unbiased and objective support?
  • Maybe things are going really well and you want to progress to the next level?

Our coaches will help at either end of this spectrum.

Coaching can help with all of the following.

  • Career management – planning your career and how it progresses is something we all need to be proactive about.
  • Leadership and Management development – often the biggest challenge you will face as your career progresses is in the non-clinical aspects of your role such as managing individuals and teams, planning budgets and managing resources. Our coaches have vast experience in these areas and will help you to find solutions that work for you.
  • Stress and Conflict management – we all find our careers stressful at times and the NHS is one of the mot stressful environments you can work in. This stress can lead to unhealthy levels of conflict with colleagues and even patients. Our coaches can help reduce your stress levels, making you more effective in your role and happier in your life.
  • Work – Life balance – Juggling the demands of your career and your personal life can be daunting. Our coaches can help you achieve a better balance.
  • The above are just some of the areas coaching can help with.

How does coaching work?

Coaching is a 1 to 1 process that works best when the coachee is completely open and honest with their coach about what they want to achieve and what may be getting in the way.

Our coaches take time to gain a thorough understanding of you as an individual, the environment in which you work (e.g. clinical, research, primary care, secondary care etc.) and the challenges you are facing.

We then agree on goals that we can work on in order to get you to where you want to be. These will include long term goals for the overall coaching process and also short-term goals that can be achieved between coaching sessions.

As your coaching progresses we will take time to reflect on what you have achieved as a result of the coaching and what challenges you may be facing. As a coachee you will always be in the driving seat. Your coach is there to help you find the most suitable route to get you from where you are to where you need to be.

Each coaching session will typically last 90 minutes.

In between coaching sessions you will have task or assignments to work on that will build upon your discussion with your coach.

Ideally your coaching sessions will take place face to face. Where this is not possible your coaching will be conducted via Skype, Facetime, Video Conferencing or a good old-fashioned telephone call.

After each coaching session you will receive a summary of your conversation with your coach. This will aid with your self-reflection.

Our coaches will normally work with you for a minimum of four coaching sessions, usually spread out over 4 months with approximately 1 month in between each coaching session. This will allow you to reflect between sessions and also to work on the tasks and development activities agreed with your coach. The number of sessions and timing between each can be adjusted accordingly to your requirements and circumstances.


Our coaches are certified to use a range of psychometric assessment tools to help with your coaching and development. These include such tools as:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Personal Profile Analysis (PPA or DISC)
  • Social Styles
  • Insights

How much does coaching cost?

Each coaching session costs £250. We would recommend a minimum of 4 coaching sessions, but the final number of sessions you have is entirely down to you. Right now we are offering a discount of £200 (20%) for 4 sessions.

If you want to use a psychometric tool such as the MBTI, there is an additional cost of £75 for your chosen psychometric.

What do I do to start my coaching?



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