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Want to set Professional & Personal New Year resolutions that work?

As a doctor you will no doubt have aspirations for the coming year. This article discusses how to set and...

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Preparing for your consultant interview? Use STAR! FREE S.T.A.R. PLANNER!

Your consultant interview is one of the most important interviews of your career. This article discusses how to prepare for...

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How doctors can manage conflict more effectively

As a doctor, conflict is inevitable, whether it is with colleagues or patients. This article discusses how to manage conflict...

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Present Tense? How to deal with presentation nerves

Present Tense? As a doctor you will be required to deliver lots of presentations throughout your career. From case studies,...

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Doctors at all levels, from juniors through to consultants, are expected to display leadership qualities. This article discusses the concept...

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Perfect Teaching Sessions with 4MAT. FREE TEACHING SESSION PLANNER!

As a doctor you will delivery many teaching sessions. This article discusses how to plan to deliver exceptional teaching sessions...

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